Our company website is a unique platform created to store the database of all pigeons in your loft (management of the breeding batch - pairing of breeding pigeons - pedigree email reference - pedigree print into professional template, etc.). This application was developed for everyone who wants to use a high performance software for managing his loft.

After the registration as an affiliate, team will check the background of every new member before accepting him to be part of our team (websites and blogs owners etc. may become resellers). Each user will receive a unique registration link. This link is attached to your account and can be used without limitations. You can use this link to show to your friends and acquaintances and use it to sign on various public forums, for publishing payment reports on social networks or blogs... or on various columbofila socialization websites etc.
To earn even more money into your account, you will also find the banner code you need to embed in your web page.
Each new user registered as a member through your referral link will get you 20% of the amount paid for the license when finalizing the order for the product!

Example: If a new member registers through your referral unique link and subsequently will finalize the purchase of a one year license for use, namely in the amount of EUR 10, your earnings will be 20% of this amount (EUR 2).
The funds will be sent to your account through PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer to the account specified as soon as your earnings reach a minimum amount of EUR 50. All transfer taxes will be paid by you!

Zero Spam Tolerance supports the anti-SPAM movement and bloacks all affiliation accounts of the members whose referral links will be used in SPAM messages.

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